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Everyone can save! Many Iowans just like you have joined Central Iowa Saves to get started. Start small, think big! From setting financial goals to tracking your spending, take control of your financial future and build a nest egg. Let us help! We provide savings tips, free classes, and much more... So don’t wait any longer…enroll in Central Iowa Saves today!

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When you set a goal, make a savings plan to reach it. Whatever goal you choose - buying a car, getting a house, paying off debts, - here are some simple secrets for success.


  • How to Reduce Debt
  • Stretch Food Dollars
  • Your Credit Score

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Central Iowa Saves offers many programs for you:

  • Teachers...get a savings lesson and free piggy banks for class
  • Trainers...take a "train-the-trainer" workshop
  • Savers...meet with a financial coach

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Quintin Smith is saving to buy a house. Click here to learn more about this central Iowa saver.




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Do you have a specific financial question? We have a unique panel of experts who are waiting to answer your questions!

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